Volunteering for the Farm Community Network

Updated: May 22, 2020

FCN is one of the UK's leading farm charities and offers pastoral and practical support to farming communities on everything from business to health, and farms to families.

I've recently signed up as a Helpline and publicity volunteer and I'm really looking forward to getting stuck in. I’d encourage anyone to explore the idea of volunteering for this fantastic charity, and wanted to share my experience of signing up to show just how easy (and friendly!) it is.

From case workers and Helpline volunteers, to fundraisers and publicity, there are lots of different ways you can become involved depending upon how much time you have available, and what your skills and interests are. Just a small amount of your time could really make a difference.

The recruitment process was super friendly. After registering my interest online, a regional representative got in touch to have a chat explaining a bit more about what volunteering can entail and to find out more about me.

There was no pressure to commit to anything I was unsure about and we talked over different aspects such as how much time I'd be able to spare, and why I wanted to get involved.

I was keen to help on the phone lines as the regular routines and fixed hours would work best for me at the moment, but if I have more time in the future I'd love to help with case working too.

This initial chat was followed up with an application sheet sent over via email. I had to fill in my personal details and read through some questions before an 'official interview' about a week later.

Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, this also took place on the phone but it was equally as friendly and welcoming as the initial chat. We also talked in more detail about my PhD research and my current job, and I discovered there may be ways I can help FCN with some publicity - which I was really excited about!

I'm now all signed up as a volunteer and looking forward to getting stuck in properly once Covid-19 restrictions are lifted. In the meantime, volunteers are staying connected remotely and FCN helpline remains open from 7am to 11pm every day at 03000 111999. FarmWell resources are also available at:

More information on how to get involved with volunteering is available on the FCN website:,

Below is a link to an article I'm featured in which is part of a campaign to raise awareness of the volunteering opportunities which are available and shine a light on the fantastic work this organisation undertakes.

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